Writing love after violence

Diana Kurniawan
3 min readDec 27, 2017

Published in the Family and Parenting Section on February 4, 2010 by Examiner.com

Violence has failure and shame attached to it, as if it is the sister of folly. Violence can never mend anything, especially when it is done on impulse, hate, or prejudice because that is when violence is at its greatest. Sometimes, we no longer believe in love, and can’t even feel love anymore, because violence just gets in the way. But, it is still love who will keep the un-loveable to be loved, and for unbelievers to believe; and it is still love who could keep violence a far.

Love after violence is most difficult, but believe in Love, to heal all wounds, mend all pains, destroy all prejudices, and to breed more love in your life. Love is connected to heaven, and it is made of the same particles of miracles and celestial bodies that are still here since the beginning of time. It is more profitable to love than to believe in a violent past, and it is easier to love yourself, than to keep looking at broken lamps and mirrors in your bedroom.

So many of us think violence can dictate our lives after trauma and tainted past, but love helps us own our futures with broad daylight, and destroys sullen thoughts. Love is so crisp, as if it is the oxygen you need after suffocating from traumas, or tragedies, and love can give everything life needs. Real love heals. You can dance with love, and the music is more than jazz. Love is so fancy, your feet will just move to the beat of its own tune, and violence will leave the dance floor.

Love can grow with loads of joy, tons of faith, and immortal hope, for you to soar and be saved from ailments of anything you perchance have gone through. Violence can’t do anything, and it is useless, even economically, as it creates more suffering. It just leads to death, no beautiful symphonies, or connection to anything except evil. Who would want to be with violence?

Violence is the components of bloodshed and hell, and can destroy in one night, even in the blink of an eye, until everything is full of regret. Violence is just too dark to be in life, and in all aspects of human nature, physically, mentally, spiritually, psychologically, and especially, sexually.

Everyone can reform, even when the hardest portion is to believe in love, especially when loneliness creeps in and darkness follows. Life just seems morose, ugly, and broken, but that is the most opportune time for love to come and for you to follow it with pure intents. Love will help cut off all that unwanted dramas and heal all pains to common ground, and bring the ethics of all justice, seen and unseen, to bring out more love. Real love justifies. Love can place trust for two, and hope for one future, for a life worthy to be called a union, together.

Love refines, and leads bitterness to disappear, till it is no more. But, violence is the bitterness fountain, and it flows depressive tears. Why not love, instead of violence? Lemons grow on trees, why can’t love be the same?

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